THALES lawyers have been active for many years in the construction industry at international group level but also in medium-sized businesses as external data protection officers, project managers and lawyers for, among others, the German group units of an international construction group. In the field of data protection, we have worked through almost all constellations in this industry and also ensure data protection for you. But not only that. We also conduct litigation for you against social security funds, defaulting clients and defend you in court. We know the hardships of the construction industry only too well. Benefit from an experienced partner.

GDPR in the construction sector: three core aspects

  • Construction industry - the dynamics of the GDPR in individual cases
  • Construction industry - the information requirements
  • Construction industry - the data protection impact assessment

All three topics hold subtle and also drastic dangers for contractors in the construction industry who do not take care of them or do so inadequately. We would be happy to advise you in a 30-minute phone call on your obligations and dangers as a building contractor or related industry.