IT companies and data protection

Do you develop IT solutions, apps or program machines? Perhaps you also work as a subcontractor for small or even larger software manufacturers such as SAP, Microsoft or Apple. In any case, you will never get around data protection in IT. We have a lot of experience in the IT sector and are familiar with the obligatory but also the differentiated data protection issues of the IT industry. We provide you with concrete and, if you wish, long-term support. It's all about helping quickly and reliably and identifying the data protection aspects that are relevant to your IT company.

The aspects that are directly relevant for IT companies in the first view:

  • Appointment of a data protection officer (internal or external)
  • Create processing directories for your support and digital assets
  • Valid execution of your digital & communicative platforms
  • Conclusion of data processing contracts with clients and subcontractors
  • Training and education of your employees in terms of data protection regulations
  • Demonstrable commitment of your employees to data protection secrecy

Our experience shows that many IT companies have dealt with the issue of data protection. However, there is often a lack of adequate and valid implementation and legal resilience of the measures. Let's talk about it, we'll know more in 30 minutes. All talks take place in confidence.