Lawyers and notaries

"Every solution to a problem is a new problem". At least that's what good old Goethe once stated. We do not believe that our famous poet was right when it comes to professional protection in data protection matters. The fact is, however, that in a constantly complicating world, we lawyers cannot master all the sub-areas. Cooperation is necessary. Cooperation is good.

Are you a specialist lawyer for labour law? Family law? Do you handle criminal cases or traffic offences? Welcome, dear partner in spirit. Lawyers and notaries need secure data protection regulations just like any other entrepreneur. This does not only apply to the website and platforms such as Facebook and Co. We at THALES know from everyday life that the 'law of data protection' hardly features in legal education. This may change, but at the moment it is still a stepchild in classical education. For this reason, we have been supporting renowned German large and patent law firms as well as notary's offices for years through our role as their external data protection officers. Or as project managers for the implementation of the requirements of the GDPR. The following applies to our daily practice: if you have questions, ask a competent colleague.