StartUps and data protection

As a founder or partner of a start-up, you are driven by entrepreneurial spirit, new ideas and have the desire to make a difference. The often hard and complex data protection obligations are rather annoying here. In addition, you run the risk of jeopardising your business idea in the long term if you do not comply or are even partially indifferent. Or risk severe penalties. We relieve you of these worries and show you all the relevant aspects of personal data protection in a start-up company. Subsequently, if you wish, we will also support you in implementing the requirements of the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in your start-up. It is important to us that you can continue to take care of your day-to-day business and do relevant things.

StartUp data protection: Duties & classic activities

  • Help with the creation of a valid register of all processing activities
  • Joint implementation of all relevant transparency and information obligations
  • Your obligation to appoint a data protection officer (external or internal)
  • Individual advice on data protection and DSGVO at any time
  • Quick help in the event of data breakdowns, complaints or legal emergencies
  • Assumption of all duties to provide information to authorities and relevant stakeholders
  • Creation of valid data protection declarations for all your internet platforms
  • Evaluation and optimisation of all your technical and organisational measures 'TOM'.

A word from my own experience: take it very seriously at an early stage. Just like your CRM and your tax and financial issues. As a founder, you start with big ideas but often a small budget. It becomes all the more difficult when data protection suddenly becomes a showstopper because the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation were not considered in time, for example, as part of the product design. It is many times more expensive to take sustainable data protection measures retrospectively than to keep data protection in mind from the beginning. At THALES, we support you in all matters relating to data protection right from the start. It is motivating to support pioneers. We therefore offer special conditions for start-ups. Look forward to relaxed and goal-oriented support from THALES. Gain a competitive advantage by not only complying with data protection, but even advertising it.