There is a lot to do in data protection. THALES covers the entire spectrum.

External data protection officer

You have determined that you, as a data controller, need a data protection officer, but you do not know whether you would prefer to fill the position internally or externally via THALES. Both are possible. The legal tasks of a data protection officer can be outlined as follows:

  • Advice on all national and international data protection issues
  • Awareness raising and training of employees
  • Contact point for supervisory authorities and affected persons
  • Systematic control of compliance with data protection regulations
  • Monitoring the personal data protection policy of the controller
  • Monitoring the allocation of responsibilities
  • Involvement in the performance of the data protection impact assessment
  • Reporting

If you have suitably trained specialist staff internally who have the necessary capacity to take on this function, there is much to be said for filling it internally. However, avoid token appointments to the function at all costs! A merely appointed data protection officer who is not active because he has no capacity or only half knowledge will not be recognised by the supervisory authority. Unfortunately, however, the very positions in the company that would be most suitable are not allowed to perform the function. They are virtually burned. The reason for this is so-called conflicts of interest. This concerns

  • Managing directors, board members and supervisory board members
  • Company owner and shareholder
  • Head of IT
  • Marketing Manager
  • Head of Law
  • Head of Personnel

The alternative is then an external data protection officer from THALES. The costs are calculable for you, the experience and the professional expertise is guaranteed. You can find out more about our standard prices at (...). However, there is another argument for commissioning an external data protection officer from THALES. This is the Protection against dismissal of an internal data protection officer. While your internal data protection officer can no longer be unilaterally dismissed by you without a demonstrable breach of duty - or at least only under very narrow conditions - and he or she can still claim protection against dismissal for at least one year afterwards, our contracts are designed in such a way that you can simply terminate them again. THALES does not want to burden you, but to relieve you. THALES provides you with the external data protection officer promptly, reliably, according to plan, responsibly and qualified.

Project Management Data Protection

THALES helps you to set up data protection in your company for the first time. In doing so, we benefit from our many years of experience as project managers. This does not only apply to internal company processes. In THALES you will also find a reliable partner for product development. Already in your first project phases, we are at your side with advice and support.

Support for data protection officers

In the course of his many years of experience as a data protection officer in a corporate environment, as a trainer of data protection officers and as a project manager, Dr Szidzek made the experience that it is above all data protection officers themselves who need comprehensive support in their diverse tasks. As a lone wolf, you can hardly do justice to your tasks. Regardless of whether you are an internal or external data protection officer, you are constantly confronted with new requirements and need a partner who knows what a data protection officer needs in terms of support: THALES is therefore available to you with advice and support and in the background to help you cope with all the requirements available.

Legal advice

As we are a law firm, we are also allowed to give you legal advice and even represent you in and out of court, unlike simple business consultancies (See Legal Services Act). Benefit from our legal expertise as if it were your own!

Out-of-court representation
In extrajudicial matters, no less caution is called for than in judicial proceedings. Experience as a lawyer says that every avoided legal proceeding is preferable. Do not get carried away and avoid legal proceedings wherever possible. THALES will support you in finding the best possible out-of-court solutions both with your stakeholders and with your authorities. That is our profession.

Representation in court
If it has come to the point that you actually need legal representation, there is no way around hiring a lawyer. THALES is a law firm. Of course, we will also represent your interests in court, even up to the last instance.

Data protection training

THALES also offers data protection training for your employees. The lecturers at THALES have been active for many years as instructors and trainers in data protection, including for TÜV-SÜD Akademie GmbH. We offer in-house training courses at your premises, which we organise according to your individual wishes and ideas. If required, we can also organise seminars for you, regardless of the number of participants.