Legal support for data protection officers

Data protection officers in companies have a significant de jure responsibility. Once declared as an internal data protection officer, they are responsible not only for the complex interrelationships of data protection and effects on the company and its environment. Data protection officers must also literally "take the heat" for the dynamics of a constantly changing legal situation.

In order to provide legal support to both internal and external data protection officers, we have established our legal Support module for data protection officers. Hardly declared and communicated in informal circles, we had the first consulting assignments. We would be happy to support you temporarily or permanently if you want to understand and illuminate more complex legal contexts. Responsibility comes linguistically and historically from response. And that is exactly what data protection officers must be able to do: To give answers. In the true sense of the word, you must answer to your superiors. To customers and partners. And when the going gets tough: before the law.

If you are interested in a well-founded, legal assessment of your explicit questions, legal and data protection problems. Take advantage of our expertise. We at Team Thales are available with a short lead time with three modules. We look forward to your request.