Towns, municipalities, municipal associations

THALES Rechtsanwälte has recently also been assisting cities, municipalities and local authorities in implementing the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the associated state data protection laws. For example, we have been very successful in providing the external data protection officer for a Bavarian city and a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate.

A particular challenge for cities and municipalities is the complete and structured recording of all processing activities. This is not least due to the large number of different processing activities in the areas of central services (e.g. office management; personnel and organisation; press and public relations work, etc.), building and environment (e.g. urban land use planning, regional planning, state planning, traffic planning; civil engineering, structural engineering; environmental and nature protection, development and expansion contributions, etc.), citizens' services (e.g. citizens' office, civil status, burial, citizenship; public safety and order, etc.).), citizen services (e.g. citizens' office, civil status, burial, citizenship; public safety and order, road traffic authority, agriculture; day-care centres for children, etc.), finance (e.g. budget and financial controlling, accounting, cost management; payment processing and enforcement; levies, etc.).

In addition, there is a multitude of data categories, data subjects and data recipients that are almost impossible to overlook, the initial recording of which entails an extraordinarily large effort for the clients. Another challenge for cities and municipalities is the identification of the respective legal bases for the existing processing activities.

The clients of THALES Attorneys at Law benefit here from the already completed and thoroughly structured processing of the typical processing activities of cities and municipalities in our THALES DSMS benefit. This saves the cities and municipalities a considerable amount of time and effort in recording their processing activities, as we can provide them with the sample templates we have already developed. Since the determination of the legal basis requires extensive knowledge of the administrative laws that go beyond the data protection regulations, we as THALES Rechtsanwälte are predestined to provide competent support here due to our legal expertise.

Please feel free to contact us if you are also looking for data protection advice or an external data protection officer for your city or municipality. We will be happy to provide you with our references.