Industry & Mechanical Engineering

At first glance, 'industry' or 'mechanical and plant engineering' is least confronted with data protection issues. Simply because - according to the assessment we often hear - partners and customers here are mostly legal entities and products and services only marginally affect data protection. It is very dangerous to treat data protection in a step-motherly manner via the implementation of the GDPR in the network, which is necessary in any case.

Data protection in industry and mechanical & plant engineering

Industrialists and entrepreneurs in 'tangible industries' such as mechanical and plant engineering often overlook a very important dimension in data protection. It is about the fact that data protection does not stop with customer data and its professional handling. In every business, it is also and above all about employee data. From many years of experience in the mechanical engineering sector, THALES has put together a fund of relevant data protection measures into an attractive package that specifically concerns industry and mechanical and plant engineering.

Over the years, THALES has identified two proverbial swords of Damocles for the 'tangible sectors'. On the one hand, there is the employee data as such and its professional, dynamic and archival location and protection in the company. On the other hand, there is the access and authorisation handling concerning all kinds of company data. The latter plays a significant economic and legal role, especially in the case of employee turnover.

Are you an employee or manager in the industry? Ask your data protection officer - we hope your company has one - for definitive, robust regulations regarding all employee issues and dynamics.