Legal advice and representation

Although we are known as external data protection officers and project managers in data protection, our core business as lawyers naturally still consists of legal advice and legal representation in court or out of court. In doing so, we provide legal representation vis-à-vis supervisory authorities as well as when claims are made by data subjects.

Just recently, waves of warning letters have been rolling through companies again, for example because of the incorrect use of Google Fonts, consent not properly obtained via consent tools (cookie banners), incorrect data protection declarations and much more.

The supervisory authorities are not inactive either and often impose hefty fines even for minor data protection violations, against which companies can only successfully defend themselves if they have expert representation. The imposition of a fine is usually preceded by requests from the supervisory authorities to comment on certain facts. These can be the result of so-called "without cause" inspections (see e.g. BayLDA ), but also to "cause-related" inspections based on complaints from customers, employees or competitors.

If you are confronted with such situations, it is generally advisable to turn to specialists. At THALES, we stand by your side in difficult times. We negotiate with representatives of the affected parties and supervisory authorities on your behalf and defend you in court should you actually be sued or wish to defend yourself against fines.