Pharma & BioTech

THALES has been supporting DAX-listed groups in the pharmaceutical industry / biotechnology for many years. In addition, we support medium-sized pharmaceutical companies as well as start-ups in the biotech sector. Here we act as external data protection officers, project managers and consultants and ensure the reliable and legally compliant fulfilment of data protection obligations.

The particular challenge is that special categories of personal data naturally have to be processed in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These are health data, genetic data, patient data and data on test persons as well as personal data transmitted by health insurance companies. Health data, genetic data and biometric data are particularly protected by Article 9 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We also talk about prescription data and the principle of patient databases.

In addition to processing their own personnel data, pharmaceutical and biotech companies also have documentary duties. These include the organisation of congresses, typical field service activities and coordination. In addition, further and advanced training as well as preparation and evaluation of clinical studies. The following questions arise regularly and obligatorily:

  • What does 'data protection-compliant operation' of ERP and CRM systems mean in detail?
  • How deep can we go in the use of addresses of doctors and health professionals?
  • What are data protection impact assessments all about and what should be done proactively?
  • Keyword 'international data protection treaties': preparation, implementation, control
  • What data may be cumulated, such as for planning visit frequencies?
  • Legally robust drafting of data protection and consent statements for events
  • What are the relevant documentation rights and obligations under the GDPR?
  • Keyword Survey & Evaluation: How detailed may data be used for market research?

Both the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech sector are particularly sensitive areas in the context of corporate data protection. You are therefore welcome to draw on our expertise in this sector and contact us to discuss your data protection needs. Contact on. Perhaps one of our tailor-made Packages.